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Thursday, October 10, 2013

ARANMULA UTRUTTATHI BOAT RACE ആറന്മുള ഉതൃട്ടാതി പൈതൃക വള്ളം കളി കാഴ്ച്ചകള്‍


                 ആറന്മുള  ഉതൃട്ടാതി  പൈതൃക വള്ളം കളി കാഴ്ച്ചകള്‍

Aranmula is also known for the watersports involving 
a spectacular procession of snake boats. 

It is also linked with legends from the Mahabharata.
It is one of the most important Krishna temples in Kerala,

The water carnivals taking place at the temple include a boat race during the Onam season.
 A tradition of sending an offering of rice and other material required for a feast from
 a nearby village,

 on a waterboat relates to the origin of this  festival and this tradition is continued even today 
(this is related to a legend in which a devotee fed a hungry pilgrim, who directed him to send food to Aranmula and disappeared, revealing that he was none other than Vishnu).

The journey of the locals who used to accompany the Thiruvonathoni in their respective Palliyodams has evolved into the Aranmula Uthrattathi Vallamkali. 

This famous boat race in Pampa river will take place on Uthrattahy day in the Malayalam month of Chingam(August-September), 4 days after Thiruvonam. 

Palliyodams from 39 Karas from Chennithala in the west to Ranni in the east participate in the Vallamkali. These boats assemble since dawn and sail in pairs for about 2 hours. 

Though, large snake boats take part in this festival they do not race with each other. Instead, they row in union, to the accompaniment of songs and reach their destination together because Lord Krishna is believed to be present in each boat.

 The oarsmen, wearing white dhotis with white scarfs around their heads, row the snake boats to the rhythmic tunes of Vanchippattu. After the Vallamkali there is an elaborate feast in the Aranmula temple.

Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple

Aranmula Mirror is also very much related to the history of this temple. The famous Aranmula Mirror, locally known as Aranmula kannadi is made here. This mirror is made of a combination of 5 metals.

 Aranmula Mirror

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